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2015 World of WearableArt Competition
World of WearableArt™

The World of WearableArt™ Awards Show, known as WOW®, is New Zealand’s largest arts show. Each year, WOW creates a new theatrical world into which incredible wearable works of art are brought to life and are viewed by an audience of 50,000.
The garments are selected from worldwide entries, addressing the brief to take art ‘off the wall’ to adorn the human body. Each successful entry is individually choreographed in a two-hour stage spectacular, including world-class lighting and stage technology.
Designers have until 1 April 2015 to submit their intention to enter the WOW Competition and their garments are due by 15 June. Judging takes place in July and awards are announced in early September.
The WOW Competition has the world’s richest prize pool in the genre of wearable art, with over 40 awards and USD$130,000 total prize money.
For 2015, the Brancott Estate Supreme WOW Award winner will receive NZD$30,000 (USD$25,000) in prize money. There is also a new Wearable Technology Award, which recognises innovative, progressive pieces that merge technology and wearable art.
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The Wearable Technology Award
World of WearableArt™ presents a new prize in 2015: The Wearable Technology Award. The selected winner will receive NZD$5000 and the runner-up will receive NZD$1000.
The award is to celebrate and encourage technological innovation and creativity. It will be awarded to the designer/s who explore and apply the most original and inventive technology to the construction and/or function of their wearable art garment.
What the judges are looking for
•A garment that embodies an imaginative, researched or experimental concept
•The process used to construct the garment is original and innovative
•The garment has a function, an ability to do something while it is being worn
Think about blurring the boundaries between the human body and the environment through camouflage or transformation of form, colour or texture.
How can technology extend the capacity of the human body? Apply, weave or imbed an electronic function into the surface of the garment. Incorporate an element of surprise.
Investigate new approaches to old ideas, materials and processes. Can you revolutionise an existing or traditional process? Or fabricate a garment from existing technological objects or mechanisms such as copper from a car radiator, wheels, clocks, film etc.
Realise wearable ideas, fantasies and dreams that will bring us into the future of technology and function focused design.

Brand Guidelines for World of WearableArt™

•WOW® is the abbreviation for World of WearableArt™
•WearableArt™ is one word
•The ™ symbol follows WearableArt™
•The ® symbol follows WOW®
•There is no ‘s’ on Art

Image Guidelines
•Images must only be used for the stated purpose
•Images of garments must be credited in print and online. If the garment is not named within the official artwork, please credit in the following way:
The Isobra, Janice Elliott, New Zealand
Photo credit: World of WearableArt™ Ltd
This credits the garment name, designer name and origin.

For more details, please email